Turn first-time
climbers into regulars

Join climbing gyms worldwide using Redpoint to increase sales through customer loyalty. Get set up in minutes with a loyalty program designed specifically for climbers.


Welcome back, Adam!

Climb 4 more times at Redpoint to get a free entry!

Adam Ondra



Convert leads — fast

Collect leads and turn them into loyal members at your gym.

Earn 1 Redpoint!

Bring a friend next time you climb and receive a Redpoint!

Offer valid until July 2024

Create custom rewards for users.


Control everything from the dashboard.

How it works

Turning first-timers into members has never been easier.

Step 1

Capture contact details

First-time climbers sign up to Redpoint and get a small reward, like free rental shoes or coffee.

Step 2

Give loyalty card

When they've reached a certain amount of stamps, they get a bigger reward, like a free entry or chalk.

Step 3

Sales outreach

You now have new leads. Call or email them with deals and rewards to encourage them coming back.

Step 4

Convert to member

After having engaged with your gym several times, converting a lead to a member is much easier.


Select your plan.


3,295 SEK/mo

Pause or cancel any time

- 1 gym

- Up to 100 users / mo


4,495 SEK/mo

Pause or cancel any time

- Up to 5 gyms

- Unlimited users

- Custom deals

- Referral rewards

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